AISSA VR Research Project

SEDA College SA is excited to announce its partnership in an innovative Virtual Reality project, ‘Students Create Virtual Worlds for Learning’. Through use of the VRTY platform, this exciting VR project allows students to create their own content to deepen and showcase their learning, and to develop skills in creativity and problem solving. 

This project presents a unique opportunity for SEDA College to lead the way and further establish itself as a forward-thinking and innovative school. We are able to research the impact of VR on student learning and assess where in the curriculum the learning affordances of VR are most evident. VR is a great visual learning tool, and we hope to empower our students by allowing them to discover for themselves and fully immerse themselves in this breakthrough technology. 

Our Principal Matthew Daly said, ‘A project like this brings virtual reality into the classrooms, making learning really exciting and engaging, providing an opportunity for all people at the college to be reinvigorated. That includes teachers, leaders and students as well.’ By creating new opportunities, we are allowing different and exciting ways for our programs to connect with their sporting partners and supports students to develop work-ready skills for an ever-changing sporting industry. The project will take place in 2022 across two classes, with the offering to expand to remaining students in 2023 and beyond. 

This has been possible through our partnership with nationally and internationally recognised expert Associate Professor Erica Southgate  University of Newcastle, the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA), University of Newcastle and Adelaide based schools, Trinity College and Pembroke School  Watch the video below for more information!

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