Boys Futsal Finals

Last week the SEDA Soccer class competed in a Futsal Tournament at St Clair Recreation Center with both a boys and girls team with the hopes of winning the tournament in both gender brackets. This particular article will focus on the boy’s team, with a piece on the girl’s game following. The boys competed in matches throughout the whole day on an area the size of a basketball court, having just 3 players on each team plus a goalie in each net. 

In Round 1 the boys faced off against Craigmore in a win, ending in a score of 6 goals (SEDA) to 1 (Craigmore). Riley kicked a team-high 4 goals in this match, supported by goals from both Brad C and Mitch. There were plenty of shots from Craigmore that was stopped by the goalie (name), helping to seal the game as a victory. 

For the boy’s second-round match, they versed Glenunga. Riley kept his momentum from the previous game and started strong kicking three goals, and Steve scored with two excellent kicks himself. It was a close game decided by some tiring defence by the whole team, ending in a tough shot for the opposition, making it much easier for the goalie to stop.  

In round 3 the team played against Sacred Heart. Steve took control of this match and upped his scoring attempts and overall points, landing two goals. Riley again scored, landing a beautiful kick into the top corner of the goal. Unfortunately, Sacred Heart was able to score eight, kicking a barrage of shots on goal and tiring out the boys, ending the game in an 8 to 3 goal loss for the SEDA boys. 

After the 3rd round match the team had qualified for the 2nd place group stage where they versed Undervale. Riley came out swinging, scoring 4 goals convincingly. Steve and Cash were both able to follow up on these goals once each. The boys seemed confident before the match and even more so with every passing second. They won the match with a 6-3 end, advancing the boys to the Grand Final, where they competed against Roma. 

In the Grand Finals versus Roma, the boys were playing amazingly, passing the ball hard and fast to the perfect spots to connect with one another. Riley, Steve, and Sinko were all able to kick goals, one each. Unfortunately, Roma’s team was too much for the boys to handle at the end of an exhausting tournament, and they eventually lost 3 goals to 8. 

Overall, the boys played well, passing, defending, and scoring at high levels. While the ending wasn’t what we had hoped for they were able to show their skills and make it to the grand finals. The team made the day fun and exciting the whole way through, both for the players and spectators. I’d like to congratulate the SEDA Soccer boys on an excellent day of competition. We wish you all the best in the future.