Girls Sportwide Football Game

On Thursday the 9th, the SEDA Football class girls’ team went to play in a knockout football match at Cornerstone College, Mt Barker. With the match starting at 11:30, the girls got off to an amazing start and never slowed down. The team played well on both ends, holding the opposing team down and leaving them scoreless. By the end of the game, the score was 143 points to SEDA against Zero points for Cornerstone College. 

The whole team had amazing performances, with 10 different players kicking goals. The lead teacher, insert name here, picked 6 top performances after the match, awarding these players for their ability to affect the game on both sides of the ball, both on defence and offence. Listed below are the players who were selected as the top performers of the match: 

1 – Kiahni Russell
2 – Ester Rayner
3 – Rubi Sutton
4 – Heidi Baliga
5 – Annabelle Harris
6 – Pip Worthley  

After this match, the girls have moved on to round two of the knockout tournaments, and we are excitedly awaiting their next match. Alongside the girl’s football matches, there will also be boys’ football matches and basketball upcoming, and we will be posting the results both in these short articles, on Instagram, and on our other social media pages. We wish the girls the best of luck in the upcoming games and can’t wait to hear about the next matches’ top performers.