Girls Statewide Sport Basketball

The SEDA Basketball knockout squad competed in a competition at their campus, the St Clair Recreation Center, on Wednesday, June 19th. The matches were played according to traditional rules, with 40-minute games divided into four 10-minute quarters and five players per team. They competed in two games, the first against Woodville and the second against Woodville. The team worked hard in the little time they had as a collective to prepare for these matches, and it was amazing to see them running plays on offence and setting up a defence strategy. 

The SEDA Girls played with unrivalled pace and ferocity in game one. By the end of the first half, the females had taken a commanding lead. The girls maintained their enthusiasm and ball speed in the second half, making many cuts and strong passes into the paint. The game finished with a total score of 45 to 22, with SEDA claiming the day’s first victory. After the game, teacher and coach Emma Knight had this to say. 

“I’m super proud of the way [the girls] carried themselves in the first round. They worked together and played to their strengths. I’m looking forward to seeing how both teams fair at the state finals.” 

The girls faced up against Brighton in Game 2. The game got off to a fast start, with the SEDA Girls employing an aggressive ‘trapping’ defence to put the opposition under constant pressure. Throughout the game, the squad used its cut-heavy offence while also running a few screening actions, which opened up many midrange jump shots and driving lanes for the ball carriers. Both Amalee and Bella had notable moments of completing difficult shots and gaining excellent defensive possessions. By the conclusion of the first half, the girls had completely shut down the opposition’s offensive. The players slowed down in the second half, visibly exhausted by the game’s intensity. The game ended on a shot at the buzzer that was tragically missed, making it a memorable conclusion. Brighton won the game with a score of 50 to 47.  

The event concluded with the Girls winning it all, and they will now compete in the state finals in week 5 of term 3. The girls have been playing and practising with great effort. We wish the girls well in their future games and can’t wait to see what comes next for them.