SEDA SA 2022 Formal

SEDA Formal 2022: 

On June 30th students were buzzing with excitement all day, anxiously anticipating SEDA Formal 2022. The Formal, held at The Hilton, was a great way for all the classes to get together and celebrate the end of the semester, with everyone dressing up and looking their best. Groups of students slowly entered the building, slowly filling the areas and creating conversations. Students were able to get professional photos taken with friends and partners, as well as full-class photos. 

Inside the venue, tables were set up to hold approximately 10 people each, with each table being covered with small snacks and jugs of soft drinks or juice. In the centre of the room was a dance floor, accompanied by a DJ. Students created a list of songs they wanted to hear and dance to. A very memorable moment for many students was when Mr. Brightside by The Killers was played. A small group of friends in the soccer class got in a huddle and more students either came over to join or were pulled in by their friends. It was a deafening chorus surrounded by the laughs of peers and teachers, and a memorable moment for all involved. 

‘My main memory from that night was when everyone started a conga line, and the teachers all high-fived us. It was so loud, and everyone was struggling to keep up, but it was so fun.’  – Blake Munro 

The food that night was sublime, with a full 3-course meal, not including the bread that many students foolishly filled up on. The course consisted of meat, salads, pasta, and other meals for those with dietary requirements. The final part of the meal was a platter of sweet chocolate snacks, which were eaten at an absurdly fast speed. 

During our meals, awards were presented to the year 12s. These awards were all personalized, and often times poked fun at a person’s habits. As an example of this, one student was awarded the ‘most likely to make a TikTok in class’ award. This was followed by a short speech by our principal, Mr Matthew Daly. After these speeches, students continued dancing and socializing until they left. 

“Formal was a perfect way to celebrate the conclusion of Semester 1. It was great to see all the students and staff dressing up for the occasion, and the whole evening was superbly run. Every time the whole school is together, and all classes are interacting with one another is something I know everyone values a lot.”  – Lachlan Hennig 

The 2022 Formal was a huge highlight of the year and a great way to ease the stress off students and teachers after the first half of the year. Many photos of this event can be found on the SEDA Instagram pages. We all look forward to our next formal get together and see what fantastic dance moves people are able to show off in the next dance circle. If you want more information about upcoming events, it can be found on the school website, and recaps of these events can be found on the student blog page.