Sports Day

On Monday 17th the SEDA classes joined together at Port Adelaide Athletics Club in order to hold the annual sports day. Students were sorted not by the regular classes, but by house groups. Students and Teachers alike showed up wearing extravagant outfits with their team colors. Throughout the whole day, in the fresh spring breeze and the sun blazing down on the fields, students moved around competing in friendly athletics events in the hopes of besting one another and getting some points for their team.  

At the end of the day, scores were collected from each event and tallied in order to find out which house group had the best performance of the day. On top of event results, points were scored for participation and best outfits. Along with points being collected for team scores, donations from the sausage sizzle were being collected for the charity ‘Meters for Mental Health’.  

Events for the day and winners can be seen below: 

The students were all enthusiastic and very loud about their enjoyment of the day. Throughout the day we saw many extremely impressive performances and had multiple school records broken. Students filled the events, with each class individually showing great participation. By the end of the day, everyone was puffed out and tired, but morale was high as conversations sparked and trash talk flared between friends. Hopes were high as the house groups were called together for the final result announcements. 

The day ended with speeches from teachers and staff, congratulating participants and thanking helpers. There was a large emphasis on charity donations, going to a former SEDA Student who was raising money for Meters for Mental Health. The day ended with award winners being announced. 

The ‘DIVISION CHAMPIONS’ award was given to the 4 students, one boy and one girl from each year. The Division Champion award goes to the student who earns the most individual points, as a way to congratulate those who truly dedicated themselves to more events than anyone else. The winners are listed below: 

Yr 11 Boys – Myles Amos (138)      Yr 12 Boys – Seb Hanks (120) 

Yr 11 Girls – Annabel Harris (134)  Yr 12 Girls – Kayla Toch (130) 

At the end of the day, all of the total scores were tallied, and the leaderboard was announced. Teams at on the grass and anxiously awaited the results. In 5th was Yellow, with 549 points, closely followed by Purple with 591. Sitting in 3rd place was Red, with 776 points, and just above was Blue with 811 points. Winning the day, by a large amount was Green, topping the podium with 1263 points total! 

To conclude, the sports day was a huge success, and all participants had a lot of fun. It was a great way to start the final term of school, and for many, their last term spent in school. We can’t wait to see what happens at next year’s sports day, with an ever-expanding school, new students mean more participants. Let’s hope to see more participation, crazy outfits, and records broken in the years to come.