Our Staff

SEDA College (SA) staff are experts in their field, helping students to develop their individual passions and achieve success.


Our teachers, while being experienced educators, also have a broad range of professional skills and excellent theoretical and practical grounding. Our teachers will walk alongside and support the individual journey of our students as they complete their secondary education.


Emma Knight, Basketball

My number one passion is working with youth to achieve their individual goals and help shape them into the person they aspire to be. I love basketball, love sport, and am motivated by those around me.

Lachlan Hennig, Basketball

I am a young and passionate teacher with a love for sport. I bring an enthusiastic approach into my teaching with a focus on inclusivity, to allow all students to be appropriately challenged and achieve personal success.

Ben Williams, Adelaide Crows & SACA

With 12 years teaching experience and a teaching philosophy built around pastoral care and academic independence, I am passionate about Health and Fitness, Sport and Recreation. I believe in encouraging students to value attributes such as resilience, dedication, confidence and leadership. In my role as Vocational Education and Training Coordinator I am focussed on providing students with the skills and opportunities to complete their Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

Taylor Renfrey, Netball SA

I entered the teaching profession in 2018, and quickly established the belief that educating young people is my contribution to the future. I continue to be inspired by the quote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” and so using a relationship-centred approach, I aim to mentor students in the essential skill development for a prosperous tomorrow. I am dedicated to making the learning experience impactful, authentic, and positive, allowing students to begin their post-school journey with zest, confidence and passion.

Joshua Lloyd, Adelaide Crows

I have been teaching since 2007 in a range of different subjects and roles, including teacher, Sport/PE Coordinator, Year 11 Coordinator and Curriculum and SACE Coordinator. My passion is sport and to see students achieve their best in all they do, being able to take responsibility for their actions to maximise their learning. I have been teaching the Adelaide Crows Sports Development Program at SEDA College since 2019.

Christopher Pahl, Adelaide Crows

I am passionate about the capacity for sport to transform the lives of young people. My experiences in physical and outdoor education, coaching and sports administration (along with my own involvement with sport, exercise and the outdoors) have fostered my appreciation for its importance in social, psychological, cognitive and physical growth. I am particularly enthusiastic about an intentional approach to teaching and learning that promotes the development of skills, attitudes and dispositions that transfer to new and unfamiliar contexts.

Adrian Stenta, Football SA

My two greatest passions in life are education and football and I’ve been very fortunate to be employed as both a teacher in a secondary school setting and football coach since 2003. I believe in using a student-centred, inquiry-based approach to learning where students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences to find meaning in their own lives. For me, teaching is a social process, which means building positive relationships is fundamental within the classroom. As such, I value communication, conversation, and positive reinforcement within my classroom.

Sam Carmichael, Football SA

As such, I value communication, conversation, and positive reinforcement within my classroom. New to the SEDA Teaching team in 2022, I have been in the sporting world for most of my adult life. Firstly as a player playing at range levels in USA (University system), Sweden, Scotland, New Zealand and currently locally at Cumberland United, and more recently as a coach in a range of different settings including with FSA, SACA and local soccer clubs/schools. My passion is to help people find their goals and then support in achieving them.

Dana Kempster, Director of Student Experience

Respect, relationships and relativity are central to my philosophy. My approach is holistic, acknowledging the inextricable link between wellbeing and learning. I am enthusiastic about empowering young people to develop confidence and character as they navigate the adolescent years, guiding them to leverage their strengths and develop a solid personal brand that is alignment with their values. I am committed to the ongoing development of a strong and healthy culture at SEDA College and am delighted to serve the community as the Director of Student Experience.

Ashley Jenner, Director of Learning Innovation

It has been very exciting for me to be a part of the growth and improvement of the College since joining SEDA as a teacher in the Football Program at the beginning of 2020. I love being able to combine my passion for innovation and problem-solving with the physical side of the role, particularly joining the students in my new role as Director of Learning Innovation. Outside of the school setting, I enjoy playing and watching sport with my family and friends. 

Student Mentors and support Staff

Antonia Macadam, Student Mentor, Football SA

While working across a range of jobs as a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, swimming teacher and pool lifeguard, I graduated in 2020 from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity. During the last 12 months I have broadened my skill set by working in a leadership role for a Summer Camp in the USA and am excited to be working as a Student Mentor with SEDA College in 2022. I am very passionate about helping students work towards their aspirations and finding pathways that match their interests and skills.

Jennie Rintala, Student Mentor, Basketball SA

I want people who I work with to genuinely feel cared about and looked after. I want to be able to give people a chance to succeed and feel what they want to do is something they can do. To feel confident, to find who they are and to help them work toward a goal.

Tom Monsignuer, Student Mentor, Football SA

I have over 15 years experience in sport Coaching, Management and Administration. I am a community and advanced coach qualified in both Cricket and Soccer while being Head Coach of Unley Cricket Club and Southern Knights Soccer Club. I am currently Studying Sport health and Physical activity at Flinders University. I have a passion for all Sport and support Port Adelaide FC, Liverpool FC, and Adelaide United FC.

Cathy Buttignol, Inclusion Coordinator, All Programs

‘Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.’ (George Dei 2006). The student voice and their lived experience informs, enriches and drives my passion within senior secondary settings. I have worked in education for 25+ years, with both domestic and international students, teaching Mathematics and English, coordinating year levels, and for the last 15 years, providing Professional Counselling to adolescents in schools.  I have a Master’s degree in Social Science (Counselling) and one of my strengths is a love of learning. The sport focus at SEDA provides an innovative and inclusive platform for celebrating diversity.

Tom Harvey, Student Mentor, Adelaide Crows

Assisting students reach their academic goals and, a priority to me, assisting students in becoming the best version of themselves. I started my journey at SEDA College in 2019 as a Year 12 student. From there I was offered a position as a Student Mentor. Outside of SEDA, I enjoy coaching and playing footy.

Tyson Bourke, Student Mentor, Adelaide Crows

I am a AFLW Recruiting Coordinator and AFL Recruiting Officer (SA) for the GWS Giants. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Business (Sport and Recreation Management) at the University of South Australia. I have experience running and planning clinics for Touch Football Australia and AFL Auskick.

Kelsi Ley, Classroom Assistant

My journey at SEDA college began in 2019 as a year 11 student and upon completing year 12 I was offered this position as a Student Support Officer. I have a strong passion for all sports, in particular, netball, football and soccer. Within my role at SEDA I focus on connecting with students and helping them to complete their work in a way that best suits them. I achieve this by identifying strategies which allows students with different strengths and learning styles to achieve the best results possible.

Alana Lishmund, Classroom Assistant

As a 2021 Graduate student, my main focus is to help students get the most out of their time here at SEDA College. Through supporting them as individuals and assisting their understanding of work, I am very excited to get to know students and do the best I can to be there for them. I can relate to the student experience here at the college having completed year 11 in the soccer program and year 12 moving to the AFL class. Having a background across a couple of sports, I now spend my time playing League footy for the Norwood Women’s side, hoping to pursue a career in AFLW one day. Whilst being around the college I am also currently undertaking a Certificate 3 in Education Support to reinforce my knowledge of assisting and observing student life.

Catherine Smith, Program Admin & VET Instructor

I’m a country girl who moved to Adelaide in 2017. I strive to get the best out of our youth so they can reach their potential become a successful well-rounded adult and ready for what life can throw at them. I love sport and teamwork, after all a champion team will always beat a team of champions.

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