Our Staff

SEDA College (SA) staff are experts in their field, helping students to develop their individual passions and achieve success.

TEACHERS & student mentors

Our teachers, while being experienced educators, also have a broad range of professional skills and excellent theoretical and practical grounding. Our teachers, mentors and learning assistants will walk alongside and support the individual journey of our students as they complete their secondary education.



Luke Manuel, Teacher, North Adelaide

I’ve been teaching in Adelaide for 9 years within the Private School sector, most recently as Director of Sport & Co-Curricular for the past 6 years. I believe that young individuals in modern society need diverse educational opportunities outside of what mainstream education has become, and the SEDA College model offers exactly that. My approach to effective adolescent education is being an ever-present and passionate mentor and role model in the hope that I inspire students to become intrinsically motivated and strive for excellence in all aspects of life.


Kelsi Ley, Student Mentor, North Adelaide

My journey at SEDA College began in 2019 as a Year 11 student and upon completing Year 12 I was offered a position as a Learning Assistant. I am now currently working as a Student Mentor within the NSA & SACA class at Glandore Oval. I have a strong passion for all sports in particular, Netball, Football and Soccer. Within my role at SEDA, I focus on building strong connections with every student and supporting them to complete their schoolwork in a way that best suits them

Courtney Roberts, Teacher, West Adelaide

Having worked in footy for 5 years prior to becoming a teacher I am excited to bring my footy knowledge into the classroom! My goal is to make the classroom a safe but fun environment that is accepting to a diverse range learners. I am very passionate about making an impact in young people’s lives, and I am thrilled to be at SEDA guiding students through their final years of schooling.

Matthew Broadbent, Student Mentor, West Adelaide

I have a background in elite sport, having played at Port Adelaide in the AFL for 11 years. I then spent the next four years at South Adelaide in the SANFL as a player and coach, whilst also working in education. These experiences have helped me realise my passion for supporting and working with others to be the best version of themselves, while enjoying the journey along the way. As a student mentor, I look forward to helping create a positive environment that gives young people the best chance to achieve their personal goals during their time at SEDA and beyond.

Jed Banwell, Teacher, South Adelaide

I am a young and passionate teacher who is working with the team at SEDA College to change the game in education. I believe the foundation to a successful and enjoyable learning environment stems from firstly, building and maintaining positive relationships with students, whilst ensuring they are able to maintain a healthy well-being. By combining my knowledge, experience and love for sport, I am able to assist in preparing adolescents with the skills needed for them to become to greatest version of themselves in all aspects of life.


Tim Weatherald, Southern Cluster Leader & Teacher, South Adelaide

As an educator, I have been teaching in Independent schools as a PE teacher and Head of Sport for 23 years. The majority of my time spent at Prince Alfred College, The Essington School in Darwin and most recently at Westminster school. I was involved in the SANFL competition as player for 17 years (311 games) with the Sturt and Norwood Football Clubs, highlighted by the 2002 premiership and Magarey Medal. Since retiring as a player I have been involved in coaching numerous teams in South Australia and Darwin, including the North Under 18’s, Waratah Men’s Premier League, Westminster School First XV111, NT Thunder Women’s team, South Australian Under 18 Girls team and assistant at the Adelaide Crows AFLW. I am enthusiastic about teaching in a sports-driven school and excited to be working at SEDA college in 2024 in the Adelaide Crows Football program.



Jaslynne Smith, Student Mentor, South Adelaide

Having graduated from school in 2018, I can relate to life as a student balancing sporting commitments and the stress that can sometimes come with that. Since graduating, I have spent the majority of my time playing in the SANFLW for South Adelaide, as well as working at the club. I am fortunate to have also had numerous coaching opportunities at various levels, where I have enjoyed helping and empowering others to reach their potential and achieve their goals. I am keen to get to know everyone at SEDA and assist the students in navigating their last years of schooling, supporting them as individuals and athletes.


Xavier Wagner, Senior Student Mentor, South Adelaide

I am originally from Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula and have been living in Adelaide since 2015. Previously, I have worked for the Port Adelaide Football Club and Adelaide United, so I have a strong understanding of what it takes to work in elite sport. I also have experience on the footy field having played at SANFL Reserves level, Adelaide Footy League Div 1 level and A grade in the YPFL, GFFL and SFL. I have now finished playing footy to focus on my coaching pathway at South Adelaide FC where I coached the U13 Boys Development Squad in 2023 and in 2024 have been elevated to Head Coach of the new U14 SANFL team for the club. Alongside this, I am an assistant coach with the U18s at South and am passionate about the development of junior players aiming to help them get the best out of themselves as players, but more importantly as people.


Emma Knight, Central Cluster Leader & Teacher, St Clair

My number one passion is working with youth to achieve their individual goals and help shape them into the person they aspire to be. I love basketball, love sport, and am motivated by those around me.

Joshua Lloyd, Teacher, St Clair

I have been teaching since 2007 in a range of different subjects and roles, including teacher, Sport/PE Coordinator, Year 11 Coordinator and Curriculum and SACE Coordinator. My passion is sport and to see students achieve their best in all they do, being able to take responsibility for their actions to maximise their learning. I have been teaching the Adelaide Crows Sports Development Program at SEDA College since 2019.

Martin Karklins, Student Mentor, St Clair

I have a long history with basketball as a player and now coaching at many different levels. My passion to support young people in achieving their goals and being their best has led me to have previously worked as a teacher and youth worker. Working at SEDA gives me the opportunity to combine my love of basketball and supporting young people achieve their best in everything they do.


Anthony Mardegan, Student Mentor, St Clair

I have played the game of basketball for as long as I can remember; also coaching from levels ranging from young children to adult youth. I am interested and passionate about helping kids succeed in the game alongside their academics.

Georgie Hatchard, Teacher, Mitchell Park

As a former student-athlete in college, I am thrilled about the chance to establish a setting and culture where I can combine my two interests in education and basketball. My guiding principle is to emphasise the value of being a student first, then an athlete. For my students to learn, grow, and push boundaries in order to reach their potential, I strive to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where they feel safe exploring a variety of interests. As a former athlete, I am eager to impart my expertise and experiences to my students while also continuing to learn from them as the game of basketball continues to develop. 

Lachlan Hennig, Teacher, Mitchell Park

I am a young and passionate teacher with a love for sport. I bring an enthusiastic approach into my teaching with a focus on inclusivity, to allow all students to be appropriately challenged and achieve personal success.

Luke Gray, Student Mentor, Mitchell Park

Originating from the country town of Loxton with a diverse sports background, I bring a unique perspective and passion for fostering healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning. I prioritise creating positive and meaningful connections with my students, recognising that these connections are the foundation for a supportive learning environment where I can inspire and guide them towards achieving their full potential.


Ricardo Martin, Student Mentor, Mitchell Park

I am a passionate guy who loves to see people succeed in things they love. I have played basketball professionally for 8 years in 5 different countries and I am extremely excited to pass those experiences and knowledge on to the next generation!


Cameron Hext, Teacher, Edwardstown

I have been teaching since 2015 in a range of year levels and subject areas. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated educator who values relationships and solving challenges alongside young people. I am keen about many sports including cricket, cycling, footy and basketball. In my spare time I enjoy riding, running, reading and visiting the cafe. I am also personally interested in nutrition, fitness, wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tom Monsigneur, Student Mentor, Edwardstown

I am passionate about sport, sport coaching and young people. Returning to SEDA college after a year working for Football Australia, I am looking forward to making real connections with new and returning students and staff. I am looking forward to working with the SEDA team to create great memories for students in their final years of school.



Megan Mercer, Teacher, Gepps Cross

I have a strong passion for sport and wellbeing and was a soccer player until I retired at the age of 20 due to injury. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in teaching and share my love for physical activity with others. I am dedicated to helping young people find their passion in life and am always striving to make a positive impact on the communities I serve.

Kurt Roberts, Student Mentor, Gepps Cross

I’m passionate about all sports and an experienced youth worker who loves being able to gel my experience in Youth Mentoring and Sports to help young people achieve their goals. I’ve played sports at all levels for over 20 years but have recently concentrated on AFL, Cricket and football. I continue to play cricket for my local club Sandy Creek in the summer and Currently Coach AFL U17’s in the Barossa and I’m part of the coaching team with the U14’s at Central Districts FC. I’m dedicated to helping young people find new abilities within themselves and being an inspiration to them by thinking outside the box.


Daniel Pearce, Northern Cluster Leader & Teacher, Parks

With over 11 years of experience as a PE teacher, coordinator and classroom teacher, I am dedicated to helping students bring their “A Game” and achieve their full potential. My experience in a range of sports, in particular with Soccer, Cricket and Golf, has equipped me with the skills necessary to help students work towards their sporting and academic goals. 

Antonia Macadam, Senior Student Mentor, Parks

While working across a range of jobs as a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, swimming teacher and pool lifeguard, I graduated in 2020 from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity. In 2021 I broadened my skill set by working in a leadership role for a Summer Camp in the USA and am excited to be a Student Mentor at SEDA College. I am very passionate about helping students work towards their aspirations and finding pathways that match their interests and skills. 

Cameron Hancock, Teacher, Cove

I am passionate about sport, health & teaching the senior years. I value building strong relationships with students and colleagues to establish a positive and engaging space for learning. Combining my skills and passions provides opportunities for students to set and achieve personalised goals as they complete their schooling.


Danielle Palmer, Teacher, Cove

I am a caring and passionate leader and teacher and have taught a range of SACE subjects throughout my teaching career. I have a love for sport with many years of experience in playing and coaching a range of sports including netball, basketball, soccer and Gaelic Football. My passion lies in fostering meaningful connections with students and creating an inclusive and safe learning environment that supports students to achieve their full potential.



Camilo Marin, Student Mentor, Cove

I have been in the sporting industry for over 15 years, firstly as a player in Colombia and now, in Australia. I have a bachelor in Sport Science from Victoria University and a Master’s Degree in High Performance/Sport Science. As a coach, I have worked in many teams and academies including A League Club Western United. I’m extremely excited to help SEDA students to achieve their full potential.


Rachel Quigley, Student Mentor, Cove

I am passionate about sport, health & teaching the senior years. I value building strong relationships with students and colleagues to establish a positive and engaging space for learning. Combining my skills and passions provides opportunities for students to set and achieve personalised goals as they complete their schooling. 


Taylor Renfrey, Teacher, Glandore

I entered the teaching profession in 2018, and quickly established the belief that educating young people is my contribution to the future. I continue to be inspired by the quote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” and so using a relationship-centred approach, I aim to mentor students in the essential skill development for a prosperous tomorrow. I am dedicated to making the learning experience impactful, authentic, and positive, allowing students to begin their post-school journey with zest, confidence and passion.

Ellie Kangur, Student Mentor, Glandore

I am a country girl from the Flinders Ranges who moved to Adelaide in 2009. This year, my second at SEDA, I will be working part-time – two days a week. For the last eight years I have worked in a variety of different roles within the South Australian Cricket Association. I have a passion for sport and using sport as a vehicle to help young people achieve their dreams and aspirations. I want the people that I work with to feel valued and cared about.


Bec Martin, Senior Student Mentor, Glandore

I have been an educator for 10 years and love that I have the opportunity to inspire, motivate and educate young people through sport. I am passionate about building strong relationships and believe an inclusive, supportive environment is the key to enhancing positive student wellbeing. I am dedicated to  empowering young people to achieve success with their learning and I look forward to supporting all students to prepare for the next phase of their lives.


Leadership team

Jeremy LeCornu, Deputy Principal

I am an experienced school leader and have worked in government schools, most recently as an Assistant Principal for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. I am passionate about transforming teaching and learning through innovation and inspiring students and teachers. I lead professional learning workshops for teachers around Australia and internationally. I also love sport and the way in which the SEDA model allows students to achieve their SACE using a hands-on approach whilst being immersed in the sports industry. As SEDA College SA’s first Deputy Principal, I am thrilled to be helping to achieve our vision of changing the game by providing fantastic opportunities for our students.

Dr. Matthew Condie, Director of Performance Excellence

I’m dual-trained in sport psychology and clinical psychology working nationally and internationally with athletes and high-performance organisations. In my role as the Director of Performance Excellence, I am passionate about fostering resilience and self-awareness through sports to help students to achieve their goals and achieve excellence in whatever it means for them. Building better people through a culture of care to support well-being. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin.

Dana Kempster, Director of Student Experience

Respect, relationships and relativity are central to my philosophy. My approach is holistic, acknowledging the inextricable link between wellbeing and learning. I am enthusiastic about empowering young people to develop confidence and character as they navigate the adolescent years, guiding them to leverage their strengths and develop a solid personal brand that is alignment with their values. I am committed to the ongoing development of a strong and healthy culture at SEDA College and am delighted to serve the community as the Director of Student Experience.

Ashley Jenner, Director of Learning Innovation

It has been very exciting for me to be a part of the growth and improvement of the College since joining SEDA as a teacher in the Football Program at the beginning of 2020. I love being able to combine my passion for innovation and problem-solving with the physical side of the role, particularly joining the students in my role as Director of Learning Innovation. Outside of the school setting, I enjoy playing and watching sport with my family and friends. 

Priscilla Bailey, Director of Business

I am an experienced Business Manager working in various schools throughout Australia in the broad business field as well as ensuring the finances of schools are meeting government requirements. The enthusiasm that is shown by students and staff aligns with my core values and I enjoy being part of a progressive, caring environment where the vision is being outworked. This includes ensuring best practices in all we do and leasing venues and high-performance facilities where the students can have fun, enjoy sports, and complete their SACE. Being part of an innovative environment is exciting and enables me to engage with several stakeholders and ensure the business component of SEDA supports the teachers and students.

support staff & learning assistants

Alana Lishmund, Learning Assistant

As a 2021 graduate student, my main focus is to help students get the most out of their time here at SEDA College. Through supporting them as individuals and assisting their understanding of work, I am very excited to get to know students and do the best I can to be there for them. I can relate to the student experience here at the college having completed Year 11 in the soccer program and Year 12 moving to the AFL class. Having a background in a few different sports, I now spend my time playing League footy for the Norwood Women’s side, hoping to pursue a career in AFLW one day. Whilst being around the college I am also currently undertaking a Certificate 3 in Education Support to reinforce my knowledge of assisting and observing student life. 

Thomas Johnson, Counsellor

I bring a range of professional and personal experience to my role at SEDA. As a PACFA accredited counsellor, I have training in multiple therapeutic practices and focus on tailoring my practice to the individual. I am a new graduate from the Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2022) program at the University of Adelaide and am excited to apply what I have learnt in this course here at SEDA. I am passionate about student wellbeing and creating a safe space for young people to work through the challenges they face. I know the stress the last two years of high school can bring and want to provide space for students at SEDA to thrive not just with their studies, but with their mental health as well! 

Emma Hughes, Counsellor

As a trained counsellor, I bring a range of experience to my position at SEDA College. I am a trained Art Therapist which I am looking forward to incorporating in my role at SEDA. I completed my training for Art Therapy at Ikon Institute and a Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling Interpersonal Skills at the University of South Australia. I am excited to use this combined and unique skill set with the students at SEDA. I am passionate about student wellbeing and supporting mental health for young people by creating a space for students to safely express their concerns and challenges. This includes supporting students through their secondary education in preparation for life outside of school.

Cathy Buttignol, Inclusion Coordinator

‘Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.’ (George Dei 2006). The student voice and their lived experience informs, enriches and drives my passion within secondary settings. I have worked in education for 25+ years, with both domestic and international students, teaching Mathematics and English, coordinating year levels, and for the last 15 years, providing Professional Counselling to adolescents in schools. I have a Master’s degree in Social Science (Counselling) and one of my strengths is a love of learning. The sports focus at SEDA provides an innovative and inclusive platform for celebrating diversity.

Adrian Stenta, Professional Practice Coach

My two greatest passions in life are education and football and I’ve been very fortunate to be employed as both a teacher in a secondary school setting and football coach since 2003. I believe in using a student-centred, inquiry-based approach to learning where students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences to find meaning in their own lives. For me, teaching is a social process, which means building positive relationships is fundamental within the classroom. As such, I value communication, conversation, and positive reinforcement within the classroom.

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