The SEDA College (SA) program is planned and developed with industry experts, and deliberately connects the learning experiences of our students to the type of activities and projects that might be undertaken if working in a sport and recreation environment. The College takes the traditional SACE and VET curriculum and contextualises it to create maximum student engagement.

Sports development program

SEDA College (SA) students engage in key Areas of Study which incorporate Stage 1 and 2 SACE subjects through a Project-based Learning (PBL) approach.

Through real-world projects and a range of practical experiences, learn about athlete training and development, data analysis, anatomy/physiology, energy systems, training principles, nutrition and sport specific training. You will also explore all aspects of team performance and discover the physical and mental dynamics of training an individual, team or group.

Start with a plan and you are on track to create success for yourself. Through MyPLAN meetings, the work that you do in The Apprentice and on your structured work placement, you will explore career pathways in real workplace settings and acquire transferable skills that employers value. The SEDA Program will also give you the opportunity to work at high profile sport and recreational events through our volunteering programs. Explore the value of volunteering, while building your resume and connecting with key professionals in your chosen industry. Our teaching staff and Pathways Team members guide you for the entire length of the program.

Designed to develop a better you, SEDA College (SA) aims to develop your physical and mental wellbeing to cope with the things that life throws at you. In Healthy Living you will investigate the ‘big 3’ (nutrition, sleep and exercise), respectful relationships, driver education and safe partying to better equip yourself to deal with the types of situations that arise when you are out and about with friends and family.

Understand the influence of sport in the community and how it can shape culture and behaviour. Learn and experience how sport can break down barriers and bring people together. Link with community groups to organise and run community projects and activities. You will work in groups, developing your collaborative, problem solving and teamwork skills as you put your ideas into action and understand how to optimise your own and others’ health for high performance in both sport and life.

Learn about the influence of money in sport. Learn about the key strategies of the sports and clubs, how they earn and spend money, athlete management, media, and communications. Learn about the influence of ethics in sport and grow your own knowledge of personal finance.

SEDA College (SA) encourages you to make a difference. If you have the ambition, we have the opportunity to help you realise your full potential. You will have the chance to improve your leadership skills and put your ideas into action by organising events and activities of the classroom.

Develop the skills and attributes needed to teach sport skills to a wide variety of people. Access SEDA’s industry experts and sporting partners to gain a greater understanding of coaching principles and the development of coaching sessions.

In Year 12, students undertake VET qualifications in sport and recreation, providing the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas within the industry whilst completing a School-Based Traineeship.

MyPlan is a digital portfolio that supports students to track their individual goals, achievements, experiences, and growth during their time at SEDA College (SA). Underpinning MyPlan are the Transferable Work Skills and Personal Habits, which have been identified as important attributes, attitudes, and mindsets to develop in order to succeed at SEDA College (SA) and beyond.  

The core skills and habits we believe are essential for student development are: 

learning Environment

Students will have access to a team of experienced teachers and support staff for learning, sport, wellbeing, and career guidance. They are experts in their field, helping students to develop their individual passions and achieve success.

Our teachers, while being experienced educators, also have a broad range of professional skills and excellent theoretical and practical grounding.

Our teachers will walk alongside and support the individual journey of our students as they complete their secondary education. SEDA College teachers are experts in developing and maintaining positive teacher student relationships. Mentor-style relationships are formed between teachers and students through their shared passions and interests. This mutual connection enhances the bond our students have with their class and the school as a whole.

Our staff also work in close collaboration with industry experts from our partner organisations, delivering hands-on learning and creating meaningful workplace connections.

Read more about our teachers and staff here.

Students attend SEDA College (SA) five days a week and follow a timetable similar to the example. Classes include both theory and practical elements alongside industry-based learning experiences.

Industry-based learning experiences include:

  • Community Workday
  • Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) with partner and non-partner organisations
  • Out of hours learning opportunities (volunteering)
  • Industry focused project-based learning








Session 1

The Apprentice

Community Work Day Clinic

The Coach

The Athlete

Structured Workplace Learning

Session 2

The Apprentice

Community Work Day Clinic

The Coach

The Athlete

Structured Workplace Learning

Session 3

Healthy Living

Community Work Day Clinic

The Coach

The Athlete

Structured Workplace Learning

MySEDA is the Learning Management System (LMS) that students, parents and staff use as their central hub for communication, teaching and learning. MySEDA supports parents and guardians to stay connected with real-time access to college communications and to view 24/7 what is happening in regards to their child’s learning. It is available online and as a smartphone app.

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