36ers Induction Day at Mitchell Park

On Friday the 8th of September, the St Clair and Mitchell Park Basketball classes were extremely lucky to have an Induction with the 36ers. On the day, everyone arrived in the morning and did some work before getting ready for a practical lesson run by Michael Kfoury.

To start with, all students were sat down as a group and given a set of papers based around the Adelaide 36ers and SEDA College Engagement Program for 2023 – 2024. Michael then began explaining what is included and the important roles we play in the success of game days. In the first section of the pamphlet, ‘Community’ was a big section including all the dates for school clinics and school visits. As SEDA College students, we have been invited to attend and help as part of our sporting partners. This is an amazing opportunity filled with a variety of learning opportunities.

Michael Kfoury then took us throughout the expectations and roles of these opportunities. Overall, students are expected to be as professional as possible and ensure all students / participants are giving it a go.

Moving onto game day, the expectations are very similar. Be professional, arrive on time, wear correct uniform, and accreditation must be worn. Throughout the game day role, us SEDA students are very lucky and get to be part of the set up and pack up of the game. When arriving beforehand, we are given the opportunity to assist with the setup of Toblerone’s and placing seat covers on chairs, as well as any other job that needs to be done. During the game, we get to do the floor wiping. This job includes eight students sitting on the sideline and baseline ready with towels in case an athlete falls over. Michael taught us about when to go on the court and how to best wipe the floor. He then explained that this is a very exciting role and usually us students get the best seats in the house. That made everybody very excited.

The last part of the day was a practical lesson led by Michael. With lots of experience with high level teams, there were a couple drills that we had never seen before. From the first warm – up drills, all students were split into four teams and the two Mitchell Park courts were used. We then went into four games of three – on – three basketball with a mix of Mitchell Park and St Clair basketball students. This was a great way for all participants to collaborate with one another and use their skills in these small games.

To finish the day, the first person to hit a half-court shot wins. This meant that everyone lined up at half – court and had a shot at the basket. I was lucky enough to go fourth and hit the shot. After this, Michael Kfoury and Emma Knight finished the Induction, and we all gave a massive thank you to Michael for his time and effort.

Overall, all students are extremely excited to be a part of something so cool and are very thankful for the opportunities we have been given!

Written By Bella Schaftenaar