On the 24th of August, the SEDA Boys’ Basketball team played in the state finals basketball carnival at The Lights Recreation Center with the goal of winning the championship. The team competed in 4 regular games plus the finals matches, being played for half the time of a regular basketball game. Games were played throughout the day in alternating rounds with the boys’ team, leaving a day filled to the brim with action. 

Game one was played against the Blackwood Boys team. The SEDA Boys played mere minutes after the Girl’s team finished their match, and everyone was extremely energised from the adrenaline rush of watching the game, alongside having warmed up by jumping up and down in their seats and cheering. The team’s coach, Ben Janssan, called the boy’s into a huddle in order to confirm the game plan before they started, and selected the starting lineup. 

The referee’s called for the teams to get in starting positions, waiting for the tip-off to begin. The tip-off was won by SEDA and the boys rushed into their offence, beating the opposing team with a mix of great passing and swift movements. The game was in the hands of SEDA from early, ending the first quarter with more than double the opponent’s score. SEDA Girls used their suffocating full-court defensive schemes throughout the whole game, forcing the other team into multiple turnovers and backcourt violations.  

The second half began with a burst of energy after the team’s short break. SEDA filled the game with a barrage of threes and vicious dunks. Between the excellent passing, the difficult shots scored, and the amazing defence, SEDA was able to completely shut down a team that had some seriously great players. SEDA was able to close out the final quarter with impressive style, resulting in a 31 – 9 finish, SEDA taking their first win of the tournament. 

Both Bailey Anderson and Harry Johnson had terrific performances, Bailey leading the team in points, and Harry leading in assists while not missing a single shot! With the support of their teammates, they were able to dissect the defence. 

In game two the team played against Woodcroft. The SEDA team’s coach called the guy’s into a huddle to make changes to the strategy and explain some weaknesses from the last game. The team agreed on a strategy that would create a much more consistent pace, which could create fewer shots but would be far less exhausting and create better opportunities. They continued to use the pre-structured defence from the previous game.  

The two teams got into their positions around the centre circle and prepared themselves for the tip. The tip-off was won by SEDA this round and the boys immediately rushed up the court on the attack, copying the start of the last game. The game was back and forth between the teams, but SEDA was able to consistently find open, easy shots near the hoop. The SEDA Boys played amazing defence throughout the whole game, forcing the other team into turnovers at the half-court, and creating fast, controlled counterattacks. The first half finished with the SEDA Boys down by 5, and the teams took the half-time rest to recover their energy and support each other. 

The second half was a continued highlight reel with the whole team making difficult layups, catch-and-shoot threes and stopping all drives that were attempted. It was an amazing game with impressive moments for both teams with great team play happening. The passing, the callouts, and the support coming from the SEDA girls created an on-court environment where the players weren’t afraid or nervous, which lead to more passes to each other.  

Unfortunately, the opposing team was filled with more than capable three-point shooters, raining a barrage of deep shots to keep the game neck and neck. The SEDA Boys kept themselves close the whole game until the final siren blew with the game tied. 

In game three the girls played against Kapinda. The boys were itching for a win after coming so close in both of the previous games. The boys warmed up with layup lines and skipped the coach’s gameplan change as it stayed almost the exact same from the game previous, although they slightly changed the defence. 

The boys found their spots surrounding the centre circle and got themselves in position to receive the tip. The tip-off was won by SEDA again this game and the boys immediately rushed up the court on the attack avoiding the opposition’s defense and scored the easy layup before the defence could react and get back. The game was back and forth between the teams, but SEDA was able to pass into easy shots right below the hoop or in the mid-post. The SEDA Boys showed their consistency with yet another case of amazing defence this whole game, taking steals and transforming the defence into a fast-paced rush of offence. The first half finished with SEDA in the lead, and both teams exited the courts for their halftime breaks. 

The second half showed the boy’s work paying off, with the team making difficult layups, mid-range shots and grabbing rebounds over the top of the opposition. It was an amazing game with impressive moments for both teams. The passing, the cutting, and the support coming from the team were a sight to see, and the loud presence of the spectators in the stands watching filled the court with a rush of adrenaline. 

The next game was the final game, played against Woodcroft again. The boys were excited to play their last game, with the state title on the line. The boys were pumped up to end the day with a win after a long day of games. The boys warmed up the same as they did in the past game. 

The boys prepared the same as they did every other game, by surrounding the centre circle and readying themselves for the match. The tip-off was won by SEDA for the fourth and final game in a row and the boys started a fast-paced attack. The game had a violent start, with SEDA and Woodcroft slashing at each other back and down the hardwood. The SEDA Boys showed their skill with soft low post layups and many 3’s coming off easy passes, turning the defence around in circles. 

The second half showed the boys continued energy, with the team running the length of the court to make layups, curling screens for mid-range shots, and grabbing rebounds to begin fast breaks. It was an amazing game to watch, the game slowed down towards the end as the boys changed their defence from a full-court 1-2-1-1 trap to a 2-1-2 formation. The game ended with the SEDA boys winning by just 4 points, taking the game to their final breaths before collapsing. The team was awarded for their efforts, winning state title medals and getting a praiseful speech from their coach. 

The team played absurdly well in this final game, showing their individual strengths, as well as their ability to play as a team. It was great to see everyone at the game including spectators from all different sports, through multiple different SEDA classes. We were very lucky to see everyone playing together and working as a team. Congratulations to all the players from the team, we’re excited to see how the team progresses next year with the current year 12’s out of the school.