Boys Statewide Sport Basketball

On Wednesday the 19th of June, the SEDA Basketball’s knockout team played in a tournament at their campus, the St Clair Recreation Center. The matches played were standard rules games, with 40-minute games split into four 10-minute quarters, and 5 players on each team. They played in two matches, first versing Woodville and then against Brighton. The team has been training hard in the build-up to these matches and it was great to see them running plays on offence and setting up a great scheme on defence.  

In game one the SEDA Boys went up against Woodville. They started off strong, playing a full-court trap-style defence. The boys created multiple turnovers for the other team and dominated possessions in the backcourt. The boys were knocking down heaps of shots from all levels. By the end of the half, the boys were on top. In the second half, the boys continued their dominant defence, while managing to improve on offence, shooting more threes. The game ended with a final score of 74 to 33, with SEDA taking the first win of the day. 

Points per player 

Bailey  Harry J  Harry M  Sam  Alex  David  Xander 
17  10  11  21  4  4  1 


Game two began with a bang, with the SEDA boys playing aggressive defence to force pressure the second the ball was inbounded. The team had a very screen and pass-heavy offence through this match, running multiple screen and pin down actions, opening up multiple midrange jump shots and driving lanes for the ball carriers. Bailey and Harry J both received lots of screens, as the two of them were both able to pass or score out of these situations at a high level of efficiency. By the end of the half, the boys were beating their opponents, shutting down the opposition’s offence entirely. In the second half, they continued their dominance. The ending was very memorable, with both Alex and Bailey getting to dunk. The game ended with a score of 84 to 39, SEDA’s way. 

The tournament ended with the Boys winning it all and they are now moving on to the state finals. The boys have been playing their hearts out and training the same way. We wish the boys all the best with their future games, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them.