Careers Expo and SEDA Basketball Clinic

On the 12th of May in term two, the Northern Cluster of SEDA students attended the Careers Expo held at Wayville Showgrounds.

To begin the day, everybody gathered in the Wayville Basketball Stadium, ready to walk over to the Expo. After everyone had arrived, as a group we all walked over to the showgrounds, and each received a lanyard with our names on it. From there, the original plan was to go into the expo and explore the different stalls set up for the day. This then got switched around which meant that the basketball clinic was up first. Once everyone was back, the SEDA Basketball class then put everyone in teams and gave each team a number. From previous planning, the games were organised and ready to go so all that was needed was to get the correct teams on the correct courts.

While the clinic was running, the participants throughout the day were from all different sporting classes and not many of them had played basketball before. The thing that was most rewarding from this experience was seeing our classmates enjoying the game us basketballers love so much. Everybody was really enjoying the games we had set up and lots of laughter was heard throughout the two hours we had. Overall, the basketball class felt that the games we created were a success with our participants.

After the clinic was over, it was time for everybody to head over to the Career Expo held in the showground. Splitting off into groups, students were able to walk around and look at any stall that caught their interest. This was an amazing experience for everybody, and some very valuable knowledge was learnt throughout the day. From my personal experience, as a student that is thinking of heading into Journalism as a future career, having the opportunity to talk to different universities and explore TAFE options was amazing. Learning what different universities have in offer for you out of school is really eye – opening and creates a sense of security that there are a variety of pathways you can take after school.

Near the end of the day, everybody was excited to walk out with their goody bags filled with free stuff these stalls have to offer while also feeling relieved about the options they now have for their future. Meeting back at the basketball stadium, the year twelves were also very excited to receive their Senior Jumpers. With everyone’s names on the back, most graduating students walked out with their jumpers on proudly.

To conclude, all students had a good day at the Career Expo and enjoyed the games played while participating in the basketball clinic. This was a great experience for all and was a fantastic way to show graduating and returning students the different pathways life has to offer.


Written by Bella Schaftenaar