Fitness Improvement Task

To kick off the second term of school, the Mitchell Park basketball class introduced a new ‘Personal Improvement’ task. This task is different for every student, as we pick an area of ourselves that we think is a weak point in our Sporting Skills and make an eight week training program to improve on it.


Some examples of areas of improvement would be shooting biomechanics, or something more body related like vertical leap or flexibility. To kickstart this assignment, the class gathered for some testing on all major fitness categories. This program was simple, and repeatable for the students to track their progress.

The tests completed were:

              • Group Push up tests for Muscular Endurance
              • Standing Vertical Jump test
              • Sitting Reach test for Flexibility
              • Yoyo Running test for Aerobic Capacity
              • Full Court Sprint for Agility, Explosivity and Speed


Through the next 8 weeks, students will train themselves in the hopes of improving on their results, and at the end the improvement’s will be presented through their assignments to the teachers. This task has been great for building connections and continuing the sense of community from the previous term. During the testing, all the students would cheer each other on and help each other with their tests, and in all it was just a perfect way for the group to get together to cheer for each other and have some friendly banter between friends.


This task has set an extremely friendly but competitive environment in the class, with everyone competing to be better than their peers. We hope to see big improvements by the end of the assignment, and build each other’s confidence throughout the process.


Written by Alex Foster