Futsal State-wide Schools Competition

On Wednesday March 29th  saw the long-awaited arrival of the Futsal State-wide Schools Competition take place at the Seaford Recreation Centre. It was a pleasure to partake in the tournament alongside five other competitive schools in Brighton High School, Reynella East High School, Seaford High School, Hallett Cove High School, and Sacred Heart College. This was a unique opportunity for students from all three football classes to unite and strive to replicate the triumphs of last year’s competition.


Our first game saw the boy’s face off against Woodcroft College and for many of us, this was our first time stepping out onto a court with one another. But despite the unfamiliarity within the team, our boys managed to piece together a quality performance, showing signs of promise for the day ahead. Players showcased their advanced skills and teamwork, securing a convincing victory against Woodcroft. The match was fiercely contested, but our team’s exceptional passing and strategic play allowed us to dominate the game, ultimately emerging as the winners.


After a convincing victory, we then faced Seaford High School in our second match of the competition. Our boys demonstrated resilience and adaptability throughout the match. We carefully analysed their play style prior to kick-off and used this in our advantaged to deny them of any attacking opportunity and expose any defensive fragility. Through a combination of skilful footwork and clinical finishing, our boys managed to outmanoeuvre their defence and secure another victory.


Despite high levels of confidence moving forward, Hallett Cove High School proved to be a tough challenge in the third match of the competition. Their eagerness to score came early on putting our defenders under tremendous pressure. However, our boy’s determination and tactical brilliance where too much for Hallett Cove. Our goalkeeper Marcos also made some remarkable saves, while our defenders showed commendable teamwork in keeping Hallett Cove’s attacking line at bay. In the end, our team’s discipline and perseverance prevailed, leading us to yet another hard-earned win.


Seaford High School was our next opponent in the Futsal State-wide Schools Competition. Known for their technical proficiency and tactical acumen, they posed a formidable threat in our winning streak. Our players approached the match with confidence and a game plan tailored to neutralize their strengths. With precise passing, swift counterattacks, and superb goalkeeping, we managed to outplay Seaford, securing another crucial victory, and progressing one step further in the competition.


In our final match of the competition, our boys faced off against an accomplished Sacred Heart side. By this stage of the competition, fatigue began to set in but despite injuries and aching bodies, the boys battled on to conclude a thrilling day of Futsal. Unfortunately, our boys were unsuccessful and unable to get over the line against a worthy opponent. No matter what we through at them, Sacred Heart immediately bounced back. The match ended in defeat and confirmed the boys first loss in the competition. But despite a disappointing defeat against the formidable Sacred Heart side, our boys delivered an exceptional performance throughout the day, securing a commendable 2nd place overall and solidifying our spot in the State-wide Futsal Finals scheduled for term 2.


Throughout the Futsal State-wide Schools Competition, our boys showcased exceptional sportsmanship, teamwork, and determination. Each victory against our competitive opponents showcased our solidarity and ability to succeed as a team. This was another glimpse of the exciting potential and ability of the SEDA Football/Futsal team.


Written by Kai Blomeley