Girls Futsal Finals

Last week the SEDA Soccer class competed in a Futsal Tournament at St Clair Recreation Center with both a boys and girls team with the hopes of winning the tournament in both gender brackets. This particular article will focus on the girl’s team, with a piece on the boy’s game being posted at a similar time. The boys competed in matches throughout the whole day on an area the size of a basketball court, having just 3 players on each team plus a goalie in each net. 

In Round 1, SEDA Soccer’s girls faced off against Craigmore in a very close match, ending in a narrow win. The score at the end of the game was 3-2, with a clutch goal coming from Jaala. Jaala kicked all three goals this match, showing off all the tricks she had in her bag. There were plenty of shots from Craigmore in an attempt to tie up the game, but all were stopped by goalie Sienna, and the team was able to walk away with their first win secured. 

For the girl’s second round match, they played a match against Glenunga. Jaala continue her shooting streak from the previous game and ended game 2 with two more goals, while Ash and Sam scored with excellent kicks to score once each. It was another match decided by hustle and effort, but eventually, the SEDA girls walked away with a 4-1 victory.  

In round 3 the team played against Botanic. The whole team took control from the start, upping the energy from the past game and passing around as quickly as they were receiving the ball. Jaala scored again, alongside goals from Kara, Cara, and Saf.   

After round 3 the girls had qualified for the 1st place group stage where they were up against Roma. The game started slow, with few shots from either team, all of which either missed or were stopped by the respective goalie. The girls stayed strong and motivated through the whole game and eventually Ashley was able to break through and score a goal to win the game at a final score of 1-0. After the win, the girls had one last game they had to win in order to play in the grand finals. 

In the next match versus Henley, the girls were passing around and playing with speed and purpose. Jaala and Saf were able to kick a goal each. However, Henley’s team was just too fast, and the girls were too tired to keep up. The girls lost and the end score was 2-6, Henley way. 

Overall, the girls played hard. While the ending wasn’t what we had hoped for they were able to show their skills and make it all the way to the end of the day. I’d like to congratulate the SEDA Soccer girls on an excellent day of competition.