SEDA Girls Futsal Poem

SEDA prevailed, unbeaten with pride,
To the finals they ventured, talent personified.

Golden Grove stood tall, and the battle ended in a draw,
But SEDA’s determination left spectators in awe.
Henley proved tough, with a narrow loss endured,
Yet SEDA’s spirit remained strong, undeterred.

Confident from past victories, Brighton took the field,
SEDA unleashed their prowess, refusing to yield.
A 4-1 triumph, their dominance on display,
Advancing to the finals in a triumphant way.

Once again, Henley stood, their previous conquerors,
SEDA’s hearts fuelled by the desire to restore.
With teamwork and resolve, they fought till the end,
In the finals, Henley posed a daunting test,
But SEDA’s determination outshined the rest.

A historic win, 2-1, they prevailed,
State champions, their victory hailed.
Resilience, skill, and unwavering might,
SEDA’s futsal reign, a glorious sight.

Written by Football SA Cove students, Safiya Kizito and Jaala Keogh