Statewide School Futsal Finals

On Wednesday May 17th saw the arrival of the much anticipated Statewide School Futsal Finals held at St Clair Recreation Centre. The boys had now proven their ability to perform and defeat tough oppositions, but this was yet another opportunity to develop both individually as players, and collectively as a team. Our boys understood that this was an opportunity to repeat the successes of last year, but instead win the competition and be crowned 1st in the state. Although, this was a new competition with different opposition and players of all skill levels. Despite the unpredictability of the tournament and the end result, we promised to give our all and hold ourselves to high standards.


Our first game of the competition saw our boys face off against Charles Campbell College. Both teams where eager for victory and showed this through their aggressive and attacking minded play style. Our boys pieced together an impressive performance, combing quick witted play with clinical finishing to secure a combing victory over the opposition. They established themselves as an attacking side, backed with a stalwart defence.Their unity and collective resilience shone through, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the competition.


With high levels of confidence off the back of a convincing win, our boys where humbled and quickly reassured of the high level and difficulty of the competition. The second game proved to be a challenging encounter as our boys faced off against Underdale High-school. Both teams exhibited exceptional skills and determination and where able to maintain through to the final whistle. But despite our boys best efforts, they fell short against an accomplished Underdale side. Nevertheless, our boys displayed tenacity and remained level headed for the upcoming matches.


Undeterred by their previous result, our boys battled Trinity College in their last game of the group stage. Despite the knowledge of this being a last opportunity at reaching finals, our boys remained strong minded and entirely focused on victory. However, luck seemed to evade our boys as they encountered another formidable opponent at the hands of Trinity. Despite a valiant effort, they were unable to clinch victory in an action packed game of futsal. Regardless of the end result, our boys established themselves as a rigorous opposition through their aggressive play style and perseverance in any situation. With disappointment and misery now setting in,, the boys remained discipline and shifted their focus to the fifth place playoff.


Our final match of competition saw our boys face off against Glenunga in a fifth place playoff. Both sides showcased exceptional individual ability and tactical prowess, creating a chance after chance. Despite neither team being in reach of the finals, the match told a different story with both teams playing high intensity futsal and maintaining a fighting spirit through to the final whistle. Despite another courageous effort, our boys narrowly missed out on victory. Nevertheless, they displayed unwavering determination throughout the competition, leaving spectators in awe of their perseverance.

The Statewide School Futsal Finals was a rollercoaster of emotions for our boys, filled with victory, defeat, but most importantly valuable learning experiences. Their performance throughout the competition demonstrated not only the abilities as players, but also their resilience and ability to work collectively as a team. Despite the setbacks they encountered along the way, our boys remained steadfast, never losing sight of their end goal.


The disappointing result of this tournament has served as a platform for our boys to grow as individuals and as a team. It highlighted areas for improvement and provided valuable lessons that will undoubtedly contribute to their future successes in futsal and beyond. We as a school, applaud their efforts and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success in future competitions.


Written By Kai Blomeley