On Monday the 15th, all SEDA northern classes gathered at the BSA Class campus – St Clair Recreation Center and students prepared for a touch football carnival. Teams had been formed the week before, being sorted by colors. Games were played both in and outdoors, with differing rules depending on where each game was played.   

The day started with a welcome from Emma Knight and Lachlan Hennig, the two lead teachers from the BSA Class. Teams were instructed to warm up and decide on roles within the team 45 minutes before the first matches of the day. Indoor games had 3 players on each team, and so roles were simply roll ball, dummy half, and first pass (these teams would commonly use a 3-man line formation, although some used a two-forward one-back). Outdoor fields had 6 players per team, with two players in the middle, two on the outsides, and two connectors in between the out and inside players. 

Games were played between 10:10 and 12:30, with each team playing 3 to 4 games each. Games were low scoring but extremely fast-paced, with players running full speed whilst scanning the defence for an open path to the goal line or a clean pass to a gap. Every team was going their hardest all day, with teams getting extremely invested in each and every game. Even when teams had a bye they were refereeing or keeping scores for other teams. It was great to see teams supporting their teams and the opposition in each game.  

By the end of the day, the teams had their scores counted and compared to one another, and showed a tight gap between the top teams, with the number one team leading by just 2 points, and two teams tying for second. 

The competition all day was intense, and it was great to see players in their teams colors. Teams were sliding through the court and diving into the mud, showing their grit and determination to take away the wins. We loved seeing players unafraid to get dirty, playing on the wet muddy field. The Northern SEDA cluster will be playing their own touch Rugby tournament in the coming weeks, and the winners of both the North and South classes will verse in one final match. Congratulations to all teams who competed, it was amazing seeing all the different classes get together and compete in such a friendly yet competitive environment. We can’t wait to see how the teams progress, and find out which team will take the final win of the tournament as their own.