3 X 3 Basketball at The Lights

On Friday the 17th of March, all the SEDA basketballers went to The Lights in Lightsview to participate in a 3X3 competition against other schools in our area. At the beginning of the week, we were asked to create teams of three and / or four and give them to our student mentor Ben. These were the teams we would compete in on the day. We all got to wear our SEDA playing uniform’s, and everyone was pumped to be on court with new and old classmates. 


The day begun at 9:45am with an introduction to all the schools about how the games are going to run and what is expected of us throughout the competition. Once this was complete, it was game time. Everyone had there shoes ready and the first games took place at 10:15am. 


Each team that participated played around six games each and those that made the finals played a total of seven. In the boys comp, the SEDA boys team, Alex Giglio, Sam McMartin, Bailey Anderson, and Bryson Sutcliffe took home first place with an undefeated record throughout the day. In the girls competition, Amalee Struck, Dakota Hinderwell, Venessa Stanfield, and Bella Schaftenaar also came our undefeated and beat Modbury in a tight two point win. 


Overall, the atmosphere of the day was great. Everyone was positive and the SEDA family always had one another’s backs. Encouragement was seen in all different ways, from on the court, to off the court, it was a great way to get closer to each other and bond as a class. All athletes had a very positive review about the day and can’t wait for the next step, five on five basketball. 


Written by Bella Schaftenaar