Fitness Testing with Josh O’Gorman and Anne Hatchard

In week seven of term one, Josh O’Gorman made a visit to our Basketball class at St Clair and ran through the Yo – Yo Test. This test is very similar to the beep test but is more basketball related. Beginning at about three-quarter court, when the speaker makes a beep, participants must run to the baseline and back before the speaker beeps for a second time. Once they make it back, there is a short break in – between sprints. Once this short break is over, participants must repeat the process by the time the speaker beeps again.


From this, us students learnt that running endurance is not easy and would take lots of practice to become better at. Before we began our run, Josh also took us through a dynamic warm up to ensure our bodies were warm and our muscles were well stretched before the running ahead.


Once everyone had completed their run, we were able to write our results down and have them ready to go for our upcoming assignment. In the Power of Sport, our newest assignment is based around our fitness testing results and how we will use them to improve a certain area of our athletic performance. In previous weeks, Josh has taken us through other fitness tests to get as much data as possible and use this in our performance improvement task.


From these experiences, we are very fortunate to have access to these pieces of equipment and build connections with the people who can help us through our journey. As well as Josh O’Gorman’s amazing knowledge, we were lucky enough to have Anne Hatchard, a WAFL star join us on the day and run the Yo – Yo test alongside us students. In the end, Hatchy killed the test and beat every student in the class with ease. Everyone can agree that it was a truly awesome experience.


Written by Bella Schaftenaar.