Football South Australia Induction

On Wednesday February 8th saw the merging of the SEDA Football group to officialise its sporting partner induction with Football South Australia (FSA). This day provided an opportunity for all students to improve their basic skills and knowledge as a football coach. But to also help strengthen our relationship with FSA, opening up potential opportunities for Structured Workplace Learning or even eventual employment. This was achieved with new students completing the Miniroos Coaching Certificate, along with returning students completing a Skills Acquisition Course.  


Under the guidance and support of FSA coaches, students were exposed to a variety of different football activities and educated on the different ways to structure and improve a training session. This was an opportunity for students to grasp the knowledge and skills that are required of them to conduct and coach a training session effectively. Students were placed into coaching groups and instructed to carry out a football activity. As each activity progressed, coaches from FSA paused the session and provided their own input and advice on how students may improve the activity with an explanation as to why. This equipped the students with different strategies they may choose to incorporate into their own training sessions. After completing the practical sessions, students gathered inside the facility to complete the theoretical part of both courses. This was an opportunity for students to debrief and reflect on the skills and knowledge they’d acquired throughout the day.  


The assistance ofFootball South Australia helped create a supportive and fun environment for students to thrive and grow in their pursuit of football coaching. Ultimately, students found this to be a highly rewarding experience for as they continue to apply this knowledge into their Community Workdays when working with primary school students to improve basic footballing skills.  


Written by Kai Blomeley