Mitchell Park BSA 3×3 Basketball Carnival

The Mitchell Park BSA class participated in a community 3×3 Basketball carnival on Friday, the 17th of March at the Morphett Vale Rec Center. Even before the gym opened, students arrived 30 minutes early to chat among themselves, warm up physically, or psychologically prepare. Teams had been formed the previous week, and our Student Mentor Riccardo had organised them into groups based on which teams he thought would perform best overall. For instance, one team might consist of close friends who never butted heads and constantly communicated, while another might consist of three players who had varying play styles.


The classes entered the gym as soon as the doors opened to warm up for their shooting. Even though we had been practising all year, it was still scary to realise how many other schools would be participating in the competition. Before the first matches of the day, teams were urged to warm up and establish team responsibilities. Roles were easy to determine because there were 3 or 4 players on each squad. Most teams used a Guard, Forward, Center formation, however some others used less orthodox, altered play styles.

Games were played between 10:00 and 2:00, with each team playing 7 games each, excluding the finals. Games were low scoring but extremely fast-paced, with players running full speed whilst scanning the defence for an open pass to the hoop or an open jumpshot. On the other end, the defence had an intensity like no other, and there were multiple games where SEDA won by a double digit scoring difference. Every team was going their hardest all day, with teams getting extremely invested in each and every game. Even when teams had a bye they were refereeing or keeping scores for other teams. It was great to see teams supporting their teams and the opposition in each game.  


By the end of the day, the teams had their scores counted and compared to one another, and showed a tight gap between the top teams, with the multiple SEDA teams making it to the finals. One of the SEDA Teams, SEDA 4, making it all the way to the Grand Final, but unfortunately losing by 4. On the bright side, it was spectacular seeing the other students who had been eliminated cheering on their classmates.


The competition all day was intense, and it was great to see players in their team shirts, or the returning players rocking their jerseys. Teams were bolting through the court and diving onto the hardwood for loose balls, showing their grit and determination to bring home another win. We loved seeing players unafraid to take a risk with their play, playing with ferocity and intensity that very few other schools could match. Congratulations to all teams who competed, it was amazing seeing all the different schools get together and compete in such a friendly yet competitive environment. We can’t wait to see how the teams progress, and find out which team will take the final win of the tournament as their own. 


Written by Alex