Netball SA Induction day

On the 15th of February our Multi class attended the Netball SA 2023 induction day. We started the day off with a tour of the Netball SA stadium which was presented to us by many of the admin staff at the stadium. During our tour we got to see many of the behind-the-scenes things that go on at Netball SA such as the admin office, the many courts that some of our very own students play on and even the changing and meeting room for the Adelaide Thunderbirds. 


After our tour concluded we headed back into out meeting room to have the opportunity to hear many of the staff speak about their experiences at Netball SA. We then got to hear about the placement opportunities that Netball SA have to offer for our netball girls, we also got to hear from 4 of our own current year 12 girls speak about their experiences completing their placement with Netball SA the previous year. Once we completed this conversation, we began discussing our Netball SA clinics and we were given a booklet for clinic drills and how to run and plan a netball clinic which was made by our current year 12 Katelyn James as part of her placement last year. 



Once the presentation from Netball SA was finished, we were brought out to the main court in the stadium and were placed into groups to plan and run a small clinic program with our fellow peers. We were given scenarios of who we were making this clinic program for, and we were fortunate enough to receive some guidance from Adelaide Thunderbird players Hannah Petty and Tayla Williams. Our day concluded with multiple netball games being run inside with teams made up of both our netball and cricket students and many  of the netball SA staff.  


Our Multi class left this induction with smiles on our faces and many new skills and knowledgeable information taken. We look forward to this induction every year.  


Written by Willow Blades