NIKE X OG Atheletic Performance VIP Night

On Wednesday 29th of March, NIKE and OG Athletic Performance held a VIP night for all those who work with Josh O’Gorman. In Rundle Mall, the newly upgraded NIKE store was where the event was held with Pirate Life catering everyone with some food and drinks.


During the night, all people that came along got a 30% discount on all the items they bought. This experience was amazing. The atmosphere around the event was something everyone will remember.


As a student that works with Josh, it was truly eye – opening to see just how much his incredible work affects those around him. This partnership is a massive achievement for OG Athletic Performance and proves that hard work pays off. Throughout the night, all different athletes from around the place stopped by and did some shopping.


While you where there, food was available for all with a drink from the mini fridge out the front and free haircuts where also available. Alongside the awesome catering, the whole NIKE store was open for shopping and everyone there received 30% off their purchases. 


Overall, the night was a huge success. Everyone was very happy with their shopping and the atmosphere around the place was something everyone will remember.



From a students point of view, it is truly inspiring to see someone’s hard work pay off. A major lesson from this is to never give up. Always work towards what you want in life and it will eventually come to you, one way or another.


Written by Bella Schaftenaar