On Monday the 7th of August, every SEDA College class from NSW, NT, VIC and WA travelled over to South Australia to be part of SEDA Cup. This event is huge for all students and staff and is extremely exciting to be a part of. As an annual event, seeing everyone improve and progress in their sporting abilities is amazing. Even though this event is designed to be competitive, many friendships are created as well as memories with people from across the country.


Prior to everyone arriving, staff and students had worked tirelessly to organise all participants from every state into teams, ready for a sport filled day. At the beginning of the week, Monday began with all the students landing in SA and travelling from the airport to St Clair Recreation Centre. Everywhere we looked, there were clusters of students from various schools, all excitedly chattering and preparing for the day ahead. Setting the stage for a week of intense competition and lasting camaraderie.



In particular, the majority of the students were playing volleyball on the courts. The sound of the ball being spiked and the occasional cheer from the players created a lively atmosphere. We watched as teammates communicated with strangers from other states, determined to coordinate their moves seamlessly and create new connections. The competitiveness and camaraderie were both infectious; you could tell the students had been waiting to finally get to experience SEDA Cup for their very first time or their final time.


At the opening ceremony, we were very fortunate to have guess speaker Jarrod Walsh join us and talk about the importance of values and how sport and hurdles in life will never change those. This was a very inspiring presentation with a very positive opening to SEDA Cup 2023.

With all students in their teams, the sports began. Each station had a fifteen-minute time slot with two minutes for rotations. Each team had around eight players from all different sports, meaning no one was one hundred percent sure on each game played. With Netball, Volleyball, Touch Football, Basketball, Frisbee, and Tug – a – War part of our sporting rotations, all participants thought this was a great way to begin SEDA Cup 2023.


The touch rugby was one of our highlights for the day. It was good to see all the teams and states getting into the completeness of the game, that none of us were too experienced in. The occasional burst of laughter would erupt from the players as they managed to slip past their opponents or execute a particularly skilful move. The students on the sidelines were equally invested, shouting encouragement and advice to their teams.


And then there was the irresistible aroma that wafted through the air – the unmistakable scent of a sausage sizzle. The line at the sausage sizzle grew longer as the morning progressed, and soon it became a hub of social interaction. Students, teachers, and even parents gathered around, engaging in conversations while enjoying their delicious sausages.

The first day of SEDA Cup was more than just a sports event; it was a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the bonds forged through the SEDA College ethos. The laughter, cheers, and determination that filled the air created memories that would undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.


Written By Bella Schaftenaar and Alex Foster