SEDA Cup | Day 3

WEDNESDAY Wednesday the 9th of August was the final day of SEDA Cup. With finals in the afternoon, all students were pumped and excited for the day ahead. All footballers, soccer players, and cricketers were at the same venue, but the netballers and basketballers were at different places. This meant that the netballers were at […]

SEDA Cup | Day 2

TUESDAY On Tuesday the 8th of August, this is when all games began. All classes gathered from yesterday are now in their chosen sport ready to compete against one another. This meant that all footballers were based at Karen Rolton Oval, all soccer participants were at Ellis Park, cricketers were Victoria Park, and netballers and […]

SEDA Cup | Day 1

MONDAY On Monday the 7th of August, every SEDA College class from NSW, NT, VIC and WA travelled over to South Australia to be part of SEDA Cup. This event is huge for all students and staff and is extremely exciting to be a part of. As an annual event, seeing everyone improve and progress […]

Statewide School Knockout Football

In a thrilling conclusion to Term 2, both the boys’ and girls’ SEDA Football teams secured remarkable 12-0 victories over Woodville High School. Both teams showcased their abilities to control and ultimately dominate an opposition producing two commanding victories.   SEDA Football Boys’ (12-0 Win) The boys’ team displayed exceptional prowess, resulting in an impressive […]