SEDA Cup | Day 2


On Tuesday the 8th of August, this is when all games began. All classes gathered from yesterday are now in their chosen sport ready to compete against one another. This meant that all footballers were based at Karen Rolton Oval, all soccer participants were at Ellis Park, cricketers were Victoria Park, and netballers and basketballers were at St Clair Recreation Centre.



Writing in a basketballer’s perspective, the atmosphere around St Clair was amazing. Teams cheering for one another with multiple games being played at once. On the first day of normal round games, all basketball teams played 4 or 5 games that consisted of two fifteen – minute halves. Throughout the day, some teams would have back – to – back games and others would have small break in between. Overall, all athletes really enjoyed the day and went home feeling very tired but proud of their efforts throughout the first day of competition.


Written By Bella Schaftenaar