SEDA Cup | Day 3


Wednesday the 9th of August was the final day of SEDA Cup. With finals in the afternoon, all students were pumped and excited for the day ahead. All footballers, soccer players, and cricketers were at the same venue, but the netballers and basketballers were at different places. This meant that the netballers were at Priceline Stadium and basketballers were at Lightsview Community Recreation Centre.

Continuing on in the basketball, the boys began their day early with their final round games at 8:15am. Some of these games determined whether or not they would make finals. In the end, it left SEDA St Clair 1 and SEDA St Clair 2 in two different Semi Finals against WA and Victoria. In the girls, due to New South Wales unable to play anymore, it left WA and SA in a semi final for a spot in the Grand Final against Victoria.

Unfortunately, both SEDA St Clair team lost in their semi-finals, leaving them to play off for 3rd and 4th. Although this was not the outcome any players wanted, this was a great achievement for our boys to be in the top four of the competition. In the girl’s semi-final, they started the game with great intensity and never let go of the lead they had created from the start. This then meant that the girls had secured their spot in the Grand Final.

With the last two games of the day, the girls warmed up in front of all their supporting teammates from both St Clair Basketball and Mitchell Park Basketball. All were very nervous for the game due to not winning against Victoria before as well as the opposition being undefeated throughout the whole competition. With another great start to the game, our team was up eight points at the half. This was great start that set us up for the final half of basketball for the week. With tired legs and bodies, the second half was all about maintaining our lead and keeping them from scoring. In the end, this strategy worked and led the South Australia SEDA Basketball girls to become the champions of SEDA Cup 2023!

With all the amazing achievements throughout the week, participants could not have done it without the amazing support and effort of all the staff. We are extremely grateful and fortunate to have some amazing people work at SEDA College not only in SA but across all of Australia. A massive thank you goes out to all that have helped make this event happen and hope you know all students had the best time.

Written By Bella Schaftenaar