In a thrilling conclusion to Term 2, both the boys’ and girls’ SEDA Football teams secured remarkable 12-0 victories over Woodville High School. Both teams showcased their abilities to control and ultimately dominate an opposition producing two commanding victories.


SEDA Football Boys’ (12-0 Win)

The boys’ team displayed exceptional prowess, resulting in an impressive 12-0 victory. Their coordinated efforts led to goals from multiple players, including Harry McDonald’s hat trick and Mitch Betterman’s stellar performance.


Goal Scorers:

Harry McDonald: 3 goals

Mitch Betterman: 2 goals

Others: Riley Stam, Kelvin Kirk, Jake Blake, Jack Carter, Daniel Agnew, Callum Murray – 1 goal each

The boys showcased their defensive strength, ensuring their opponents couldn’t break through. The resounding win celebrated their strategic gameplay and unified teamwork.









SEDA Football Girls’ (12-0 Win)

The girls’ team mirrored this success, achieving a dominant 12-0 victory. Their possession-based approach and coordinated efforts were evident, slowly weakening the opposition. This opened countless opportunities in front of goal, in which the girls were clinical, securing goals from various players.







Goal Scorers:

Kendall Kalaba: 3 goals

Samantha Gonzalez Pinheiro: 3 goals

Others: Charlotte Augustyn, Imogen Edwards, Jaala Keogh, Jayla Mohr Thomson, Lily Stevens – 1 goal each


Both victories not only showcased the players’ abilities but also stood as a testament to the hard work, preparation, and unity of the teams.


Written By Kai Blomeley